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Qboys, Privacy Policy

The privacy of our users is our most important concern and we are committed to protecting your privacy.

When you download, visit and use our app, we will receive some personal information from you. In this context, we declare with this privacy policy how we deal with your personal data and what guarantees and or protection we guarantee you.

The APP is free to download.


  1. The personal data and species

Account and profile data
To access and use the app, you must first create an account. Qboys offers a simple registration, called UserFree, after which different types of user accounts are available, such as User-Prinz, User-King and User-Star. When creating an account, you need to enter some personal information, such as: Eg your email address. With the profiling and use of this personal data are stored but not published to other users.

Voluntary profile extension and data
You can voluntarily expand your profile details, add your personal information to your account and profile, such as date of birth, personal interests, location, preferences, sexual orientation and information from your private life, photos and videos can be uploaded to your gallery. Some personal data may be protected by an „access request“, all other data in your profile will be publicly shared with the other user.

Personal information you load on your profile and use the profile extensions becomes public within the app. Every registered user in the Qboys app is able to see your profile and their publicly recorded personal information and / or find it under the user’s search capabilities.

All personal information can be changed and adjusted at any time under your account settings.

To use the additional functionality, such as Prinz, King and Star-versions, a payment method within the app is used, you must enter your data separately. For this, the terms of use and privacy policy apply. The data available for payment will be saved.

When you use the app to collect, post, and publish your site, and make it available, this data is stored. Your positions will be saved and sorted by location and with other users. For this purpose, the location of the smartphone are used. You can see all users profiles directly in your environment and vice versa, all other users can see your location distance. Additional function, by using the „map“ you can announce your location on the map.

WARNING: Please note, if you activate your mobile position, which is automatically tracked by GPS, your location will always be split. In this way you can give others an intimate overview of your habits and patterns. This could include sensitive data such as visits to hospitals, churches, presence in political demonstrations, or presence in places that could reveal information about your sexual life. Uncovering your location could also increase the risk of burglary, physical aggression and stalking. Like on other websites and apps, your location revelation is not without risk.
Sharing your location can reveal intimate information about yourself and your activities. Because of these risks, Qboys.App gives you the option of choosing when a site is shared or not. You and your location can be controlled and saved manually.

You can decide for yourself which of the functions of your location you want to publish or not.

Some of these features may or may not be available in some countries, which may result in pursuit.

We make it clear to you in this regard that you use these functions on your own responsibility.

Further information requested
Qboys may request additional information from you to verify information that you have posted on your account or profile.

Some profile extensions require an account among other things a user verification. For security reasons and fairness to the user and or the user, we want to ensure the authenticity of the users, while only the authenticity of the user u.a. the person checked. There are no further checks on personal data.


  1. Cookies
    Qboys uses essential functional cookies expressly requested by you for the functioning of the App and for the provision of functionality.

These cookies are used for the functions as you are logged in, allowing you to navigate efficiently as well as usernames, settings and other inputs. Among other things also to the general improvement of the function Effectiveness and analytics.
Qboys uses cookies to provide information about the quality or effectiveness of the app, etc. Websites to get analytics. This use is limited to statistical internal purposes only.

Qboys also uses Google Analytics for internal purposes only, which may lead to evaluation and improvements.

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