Profile GuidlinesProfile Guidlines

Basically, all uploaded images are checked by QBOYS and then shared. We just want to make sure that our QBOYS services comply with the legal requirements.

  • We do not allow pornography
  • No picture of teenagers under 18 years
  • Bare pictures, do not work. Nobody wants to see you naked in public.
  • You can not show your genitals as a profile picture and / or publicly
  • If you have the courage to show yourself in your underwear or swimming trunks, then mourn with facial image!
  • Absolutely No-GO: allusion to pornography, sex acts and / or toys, real or imitated.
  • Our Moto: Never Advertise! So stay tuned.
  • Always with decency and respect: do not be suggestive, agresive, adoring, hurting, racist, bigoted or anything like that.
  • Please do not promote unsafe sex. Your health should be important to you!
  • Be yourself and not a „faker“
  • No photos or mention of violence and / or firearms, weapons, drugs or drug paraphernalia, including emoji and icons.
  • Watch for copyrighted images and illustrations.
  • Please use your own and real social links like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
    Links and / or forwarding / promoting or publishing others are not allowed.


NOTE: We reserve the right to review, then share and / or decline any Uploaded / Image, Video, Illustration, Emoji and Icons.
Any violation of the above policies may result in a permanent ban and / or suspension of QBOYS.